5 Simple Tricks To Make Your Camping Experience Better


The great thing about outdoor camping is that it is one of the most affordable ways to get away from it all. Yet preparing for a weekend camping trip seems like a big headache. In truth, it seems like a bigger issue than it actually is. There are a number of things you can do to make your trips much easier, and more frequent. Below are some ways to enhance your outdoor camping trip and keep it hassle free.

1. Find your camping area online. One of the reasons people don’t camp regularly is that they don’t always know where to go. The good news is the internet has made locating an outdoor camping spot much easier. All states have websites detailing their state parks. Most have a map that enables you to click the location closest to you. Many parks have amenities like bathrooms, water pumps, and showers, while others are more remote and rustic. Some parks are on a lake so you can fish or participate in special activities like kayaking. Select a park that uses the sort of setting and tasks you are searching for.

If you like hiking, take a look at sites like alltrails.com that will help you select a trail that’s right for you. Likewise, consider the distance from home. You don’t want to wear yourself out just getting to the destination. For a weekend camping trip, don’t take a trip any further than 3 hrs from your house.

2. Book your campground before leaving. This is recommended for state parks, as well as popular national parks. These areas can fill up faster than you might imagine. You don’t want to drive for a long time only to find out that there are no campgrounds left. Many state park web sites allow you to book online. If not, all just call ahead.

3. Put all of your camping stuff in one space. Part of the inconvenience of getting an outdoor camping journey together is having to rummage through the attic or basement to collect all the materials you need. To avoid this inconvenience, just keep your camping equipment in a large plastic storage bin or footlocker. Once you have your storage area loaded up, you can just load up your car and go. Certain supplies may vary according to what kind of outdoor camping you’ll be doing, where you’re going, and the time of year. 

4. Develop a checklist that you can use before each trip for the things that will not fit in your storage or require to be packed right before you leave.

5. Steer clear of cooking intricate dishes. One of the delights of camping is cooking delicious campfire food. However cooking materials can add a lot more things to your supplies, and you’ll need to bring stuff to clean them too. It can be a significant inconvenience, so save camp food preparation for longer camping trips. If you want to get away for the weekend, plan dishes that don’t require preparation or extensive clean-up. 

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