Guide To Essential Backpacking Equipment


Car camping is always fun, but there’s something incredibly rewarding about taking all of your supplies in your backpack and heading out into the woods. If you’re interested in backpacking on your own, below are a couple of pointers to help you out on your first exploration. 

First the Backpack

You really can’t do anything without a good backpack. However, you can’t just use a regular pack. There needs to be weight distribution with shoulder straps and a belt to properly carry the weight. For heavier loads you’ll want to get a metal frame back too. The REI backpack is one of the most comfortable and Kelty is another good brand that you can depend upon. 

Care for Your Feet

Caring for your feet means getting the right socks and footwear. When you go backpacking you have the real risk of getting blisters and sore feet. Invest a little more money and get a good quality pair of hiking boots like Merrell. While these are typically a little more expensive, you will appreciate the high grip tread and cushion over the long haul. Keens offers a nice hiking shoe which allows for a lighter weight experience and good airflow. 

Keep Hydrated

While walking in the woods, you need to stay hydrated. To avoid an instance of Montezuma’s revenge, definitely don’t drink right out of the stream. Be sure to pack a water filter with you so you can fill up with clean water whenever you need to. The most effective canteen on the planet is the Camelbak with the bite shutoff or the LifeStraw. The Camelbak container has this wonderful sippy straw that allows you quickly take huge gulps of water. In addition, it does not leak, even if held upside-down. It’s amazing.

Time to Rest

When it’s time to hit the sack after you have actually been walking all day, you’ll need to get a good night’s sleep. There aren’t any hotels obviously, so you’ll intend to pack what you want to sleep on. You’re most likely to want an outdoor tent along with a cozy sleeping bag. Remember that you will desire a light-weight camping tent as well as resting bag since you’ll need to bring them on your back. As an example, my 2 male outdoor tents evaluated about 3.5 extra pounds. I loaded a little added cushion regarding the dimension of one that you would certainly hop on an aircraft. Both years I do without a resting pad, however I can inform you that following year I’m most likely to make the acquisition. Sleeping on difficult ground with rocks and whatever else below you is not enjoyable.

Feed That Tummy

When you’re walking with a 40 – 50 pound backpack, you will need to keep fed. Make sure to pack, nuts, jerky, granola, power bars and other food that you can consume while you’re hiking. When you need a more substantial meal, go with dehydrated food which takes up less room in your pack too. The Mountain House dishes are outstanding. They cost $5 – 7 and you can get great dishes from Beef Stroganoff, Pasta, or Teriyaki Chicken. All it takes is 2 cups of water, put it right into your bag, allow it to sit for 8 mins, and you have immediate food in the wilderness. One more plus is that you can eat them right out of the bag which makes it easier to clean up too.

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