5 Fish Filet Knives That Make Cleaning Easy


The conclusion of every effective fishing expedition involves filleting fish. Having a high quality sharp blade is what you need. If the blade isn’t sharp, the chore becomes slower and hazardous. It is safer to fillet fish with a sharp blade than a dull one. Before cleaning a fish the first thing you should do is to sharpen the blade with a carbide sharpener. Some prefer to utilize a sharpening stone or electrical sharpener however carbide sharpeners are the fastest way to get a razor sharp filet blade.

Many blades are rather inflexible and strong, providing you the ability of puncturing thick items without breaking the blade. A fish fillet however is specialized to perform something a little bit different, though. Given that you’re puncturing the soft skin of a fish, a stiff or thick blade isn’t need and can damage the fish meat. Many fishermen instead choose to use of a fish fillet blade since they provide grip and accuracy that would otherwise not be available.

You’ll see that the form or general style of a fillet knife is much different than your typical kitchen knife. Producers have purposefully designed their blades in such a way that lines up to more effectively cut a fish’s body.

If you’re a skilled angler or chef, you understand filleting a fish is almost a kind of art and very few individuals are really able to attain a perfect cut. Filleting a fish takes a great deal of skill, however you’ll never get it right without using the correct fish fillet blade.

Fillet Blade Size and Density

Most fish fillet blades are 4 – 11 inches long, with some specialized fillet blades surpassing a foot long. When buying fish fillet knives, it’s most likely that you’ll see 4 inches, 6 inches, 7.5 inches, or 9 inches knives most frequently, as these are one of the most common and comfortably fit in everyone’s hands.

The size of your blade is extremely crucial to consider as this will certainly alter its actions, versatility, weight, as well as sturdiness. Smaller sized fish are a lot easier to fillet with smaller sized blades and you should use larger filet knives on bigger fish. The size you require is the size it takes to get to completely throughout the whole fillet, as the concept is to fillet your fish in the most effective and quickest manner possible. 

KastKing Mad Bite, $20

Made from high quality stainless steel, they feature a polymer grip and lockable sheath. They provide a non-slip grip which is obviously important when fileting fish around water. 

Bubba Blade, $45

This is the top of the line fish filet knives. It typically comes in a 7 inch blade and is stainless steel. It features a trigger grip, safety guard and has a specialized coating to resist corrosion.

Rapala Soft Grip Fillet Knife, $15

A great value, this knife comes in a variety of sizes and has a nice looking sheath to hold it too. This is a great knife to store in your tackle box so it’s handy whenever you need it.

Victorinox SwissArmy knife and the Mercer Culinary Millennia are also great, less expensive options to consider too.

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