Advice From The Pros To Catch More Fish This Season


While its always fun to head out to the lake on the weekend, if you don’t catch fish then it can ruin the whole experience. With countless hours of experimentation on the water, fishing professionals can certainly provide some insights as to what to do and also what not to do when trying to catch fish. We evaluated several of the top competition pros for their suggestions on how to assist newbie or weekend fishermen to help boost their success rates. The following are their most common suggestions to help newer fishermen.

Streamline. Many fishermen tend to over-analyze, over-technique, over-color or over-size their bait. Often, less is more. It does not need to be that tough to catch a fish. If the wind is blowing hard put it to your back and cover as much water as you can with a spinnerbait or a crankbait. If it is a day that is glossy with high, blue skies, slow your approach.

Go with what you know. Do not attempt something you are uncomfortable using or don’t know how to use properly. If you get a new piece of gear, then try it out until you are familiar with it.

Be flexible. On the other hand, you should be able to do everything. If you are not familiar with a casting rod or spinning reel, try them out at home. That is where you acquire self-confidence in a method or a particular lure which is most likely to help you catch fish. At some time you will certainly be in a situation where you need it and be effective.

Be better at casting. While it may be an afterthought, being able to cast effectively significantly improves your chances of catching fish. Having the ability to make a precise casts is crucial. If you are casting overhand and your lure lands with a huge splash you are terrifying the majority of the fish that you could be catching. Having the ability to make precision casts without splashes catches lots of fish.

Be on the water. You cannot be a good fisherman without spending time on the water. You need to get to know the body of water where you are fishing, what the fish like to eat and how to successfully modify your approach to catch fish when the weather changes. Every one of those factors will make you a far better angler than anything else you can do.

Have realistic expectations. Fishing can be great one day and be horrible the next. Even the pros have days when they kill it and others when they don’t catch that much. A lot of beginners get upset when they don’t catch that many fish. You have to preserve and get back out there again.  

Keep learning. Professional fisherman recommend collecting all the info you can from TV, magazines and video clips. There are numerous opportunities today to find out ways on exactly how to catch more fish.

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