The Top Performing Pike Fishing Baits


The north pike is an amazing fish. They have the capability to jump in the air with energized somersaults that will impress and delight you. They strike lures boldy and have a structure that allows them to achieve significant weights, backed by a muscular body and sharp teeth. With all of these attributes put together you’re up against one hell of a rival!  When selecting what to put on your hook, north pikes can be fussy sometimes, so using the right lures is critical for success. Have a look at the following baits the following time you go to buy a new one for your tackle box.


Steel spoons have always worked well when fishing for pike. For contemporary pike fishing, the lowly spoon still ranks as the most popular in regards to higher numbers caught as well as general use, making this an essential angling lure for your fishing gear. Spoons can be found in all sizes and shapes, triggering some confusion when trying to figure out what to buy. Essentially, a standard pike spoon needs to be 4 – 6 inches long. The larger the spoon, the deeper and quicker it will run. A good choice is one to 1½ ounce lures, as this will certainly permit easy spreading and good activity on the retrieval. 

You cannot fail with silver like the preferred Johnson Lures Silver Minnow or gold spoons, baitfish-imitating tones work well. Last but not least, do not ignore the success that the very highly promoted “red and white” Daredevil spoons can bring success too.


Mostly considered a bass lure, spinnerbaits have become popular for pike fishing. The convenience of use, weedless, plus the high flash make this lure a champion any way you consider it. Although “bass-size” spinnerbaits will absolutely capture northern pikes, hooking larger fish will require a modification to a somewhat bigger lure like the Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait. Use a longer and thicker skirt, larger blades, and an extra-large hook. Numerous takes on this style have actually followed suit, and manufacturers are making spinnerbaits that are especially created with these top qualities undamaged, mostly for use with toothy killers.

The preferred angling spinnerbait to run when targeting Northern Pikes contains big willow blades, like the Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye Spinnerbait Dual Willow. These large blades shake off a great deal of flash and will certainly call fish in from afar. Skirts made from bucktail or plastics just as well, although I like the bucktail product when water temperature levels are not as high.

Ensure the skirt is big enough, as this will provide a target and desired shape for fish to focus on. The hooks needs to be razor sharp, and it definitely does not hurt to set up a trailer hook to aid in grabbing those short-striking fish. Go with brilliant colors like yellow, chartreuse, white or orange will work well for the skirt, while silver, gold or orange are a great choice for the blades.

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