Top Bass Fishing Rods of 2020


What’s makes an excellent bass fishing pole? The answer like other things in life, is that it depends. You first need to determine which techniques you’ll be using when going bass fishing. After that you can determine the right pole for you to use. If you have experience with different approaches and lures, you’ll appreciate our tips for picking a brand-new pole.

Yet what if you do not have much on the water experience to select the best pole? This write-up will give you the information you need to have to pick the appropriate bass fishing pole. We will provide you our top choices for bass poles, and get you right into the details, like what the terms power or action means, and what products make the best fishing rod for bass.

St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod

Casting poles are used when angling with crankbaits, and this casting rod was especially created to be the best bass fishing poles for crankbait. For this reason it was also listed on our “top crankbait poles article. This pole was fantastic when it was first came out, however a full redesign in a few years ago made it better. It is constructed from 100 percent S-glass and its one piece is performance-tuned using the company’s proprietary Integrated Poly Contour tooling. The pole guides are built from solid aluminum and oxide that let fishing lines of all kinds to shoot through with almost no resistance

UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod

This pole is made from “Ugly Technology”. It’s a resourceful mix of graphite and fiberglass that provides a really solid, but still sensitive pole. You’ll see a great deal of casting poles including some made with inserts made from the latest innovative materials. They do make casting much easier, however occasionally the inserts bulge. The UglyStik GX2 addresses that trouble since it’s fitted with one piece stainless-steel guides. You might lose an inch in casting range, however they are exceptionally long lasting, and you will never ever need to fret about losing inserts.

AbuGarcia Versaity 

If you desire the best bass fishing pole on the market and you have the cash to invest, we recommend the Abu Garcia casting pole. It’s a flexible all-rounder with wonderful longevity as well as a high level of sensitivity. The 3M material blank is extremely solid, making this a pole you will delight in for several years without it wearing down. With the highly advanced materials  that are used in the construction of this pole, Abu Garcia had the ability to keep it light-weight while preserving the supreme stamina and high level of sensitivity.

AbuGarcia IKE Signature

The company’s Elite Collection Pros put all their expertise and experience into the style of these poles. If you require a traditional worming pole, this would certainly be a great selection. To begin with, the pole is made with superior graphite. It has great action that allows you cast properly, is sensitive to detect light bites, along with the foundation to set hooks hard when utilizing soft plastics. 

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